The Bleedingham Film Festival in Bellingham Washington has been a staple of the Pacific North West Horror Film community for quite some time now. When I was asked to help "re-vamp" their site I could not have been more excited.

The main goals of building their new site were

  • Archived Film Entries were disorganized and very hard to update. The main cause of this issue is that the entries were submitted from multiple sources such as YouTube and Vimeo ect. This was making it difficult to consolidate them into a unified playlist. They needed a new simplified way of handling these videos.
  • The back-end site management software they were using did not have an easily accessible means of creating a blog, so they were using the landing page to post all of their news and updates. They wanted a real, and very easy to use blogging system.
  • While they had may talented content creators and graphic artists on the team, no one had much web development knowledge. Because of this, their site had tons of great artwork, but it was not being displayed correctly. They needed someone to help them realize their original design goals.
  • They wanted a way to offer t-shirts and other memorabilia for sale online to give their audience more ways to support the festival.

Major Features

  • Custom horror inspired WordPress theme.
  • An intuitive and sleek video gallery (that supports videos from all major video sources) to showcase the archive of entries the festival has received spanning back many years.
  • An easy to use blogging platform so the the folks behind Bleedingham can get news out to their attendees and film makers about important events and updates to the festival without having to wrestle with frustrating technology.
  • A PayPal integrated WooCommerce web shop to sell their awesome festival related swag.

Major Technologies Used

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce