Asayake Player

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A simple, modular and highly customizable HTML 5 audio player for WordPress with support for playlists.

Open source code available on!


  • Built-in shortcode creation interface.
  • Supports files directly from your WordPress install any other URL.
  • No configuration required.
  • Easy to use shortcodes.
  • Shortcode Generator.
  • Full support for both playlists & stand-alone players.
  • Playlists automatically play the next song on the list.
  • Supports timeline scrubbing.
  • "Smart Playback" ensures only one audio source can be playing on the page at once.
  • Integrates with almost any theme.
  • Highly "themeable" with custom CSS.
  • Works with Gutenberg, Classic Editor and most page builders.

Nerd Features

  • Fully HTML5 Compliant. Uses the Web Audio API.
  • Pure vanilla Javascript. No external libraries or requirements.


Download and install the project to the directory plugins/asayake/.

Activate the plugin.

Setting up a stand-alone player:

For a simple "stand-alone" player insert a shortcode like this:

[aplayer url=""]

You can also supply optional metadata to the shortcode to display the track title, artist and album:

[aplayer url="" title='Dope Beat' artist='Mathieu Dombrock' album="Imaginary Machines EP"] 

Setting up a playlist:

Initialize a new playlist with:

[aplayer-playlist playlist_id="test-playlist"]

Here the playlist_id value can be anything you want but make sure it's UNIQUE.

Add a new track to the playlist with:

[aplayer-playlist-item  playlist_id="test-playlist" url="" title='Dope Beat' artist='Mathieu Dombrock' album="Imaginary Machines EP"]

The playlist_id value here should match the ID you set when you initialized the playlist.

Aside from the playlist_id value, the rest of the parameters match the meta data supplied for the stand-alone player

The parameters aside from the playlist_id value, are optional here as well but highly suggested!

The playlist tracks will show up in the order they are inserted into the page, with the first track loading by default.