WordPress & Web Development Expert

My name is Mathieu (pronounced: "Matthew") Dombrock. I’m an experienced freelance software developer specializing in web technologies.

I have nearly a decade of experience building and maintaining websites and applications for clients in almost every industry imaginable. Programming is not only my hobby, but my passion. Let's get together and build something that will put your competition to shame!

I think that the internet is the possibly the most powerful tool that humanity has ever invented. My goal is to help you harness this amazing technology to build something great.

What Makes Me An Expert?

I've been doing this for a long time. Supporting a large variety of clients over the years has taught me how to solve problems quickly and efficiently without breaking things as I go.

At this point, I know web development like the back of my hand. I can confidently say that there is almost no WordPress issue that I can't solve. Whether it's building, optimizing or fixing, I have you covered.

What WordPress Services Do I Offer?

  • WordPress Custom Sites
  • WordPress Fixes
  • WordPress Optimization
  • WordPress Custom Theme Development
  • WordPress Custom Plugin Development
  • E-commerce (Web Stores)
  • More (Contact Me!)

What Other Services Do I Offer?

  • Business to Business Software Development
  • Non-WordPress Sites (NodeJS, Laravel ect.)
  • Custom API Development
  • Database Management Software
  • Desktop Application Development
  • More (Contact Me!)